Deer hunting



Whitetail deer

Whitetail deer was introduced to Finland in 1930’s. It was brought here from the northern ranges of USA by Finnish emigrants. The subspecies we have (Odocoileus virginianus var. Borealis) is the heaviest one, but also produces the biggest antlers.

You hunt it mostly from stands. During the rut in November you can stalk and use a grunting call.

Hunting opening and closing days: last weekend of September till 31th of January



Roe deer

Roe deer was introduced in 1983 and has established tremendously. You can hunt roe deer from stands, by stalking, with your companions using a driving dog. Hearing the drive going up and down the hills is exciting.

Opening and closing days:
First of September till 31th of January and
16th of May till 15th of June (just bucks)