If you want a quality hunting experience - let our staff take care of you.

Arranging quality hunting is a question of honour to us. That's why we just accept small groups. Here you can experience the silence in the woods, but also enjoy the beautiful archipelago.

            Deer hunting                  Waterfowl hunting               Duck hunting              Wood pigeon hunting       Small game hunting   

 Our management idea is focusing on habitat improvement, herd management, herd monitoring and improving hunter knowledge.

Herd management means harvesting appropriate numbers of animals to keep them healthy and in balance with their environment. We are also very concerned about ethical hunting.

Herd monitoring is aging and judging harvested deer compared to their body weights, recruitment rates and sex ratio and are tools for next seasons harvest.

Habitat improvement means planting lots of food plots, providing natural vegetation, enough cover and water ponds. And you can enjoy all this from your stand.

When hunting at our place you are a part of our management idea and we hope you have picked up some new knowledge before you leave.

You can accommodate in the little cottage provided with shower and toilet, have lunch outdoors in our "kota" shelter or you can choose the hunting lodge and have first class game menus.